Referral Program

You tell a friend... They join a class... Everyone wins!


Refer new families to While They're Little and for every family you refer who joins, we'll give you a $20 semester credit for the following semester with us. Each friend gets a fun welcome gift when they come for their first class, too!

Rules for Referring (currently enrolled families) Families

  • Request your special personalized code to share with friends. 
  • After new family registers using your personalized code, you will be notified within 2-4 weeks with your total $20 referral credits towards the following semester. 
  • There is no limit to how many credits you can receive for referrals (e.g. if a family refers 3 new families and they all register, the family who referred would get $60 credit toward the following semester.) 
  • Credit applies to future semesters and are non-transferable.
  • Credits are per family referred, not per child.
  • Credits may only to be applied to tuition - they have no cash value.
  • Credit usage is limited to $100 per session. 

Rules for Referral (new) Familes

  • Register using the referral code provided by your friend.
  • New families use one referral code only.
  • Referrals good per family, not per child. 
  • Referral Families must be new to While The're Little. No exceptions.

Questions? Call or text 516-946-7374